100 Years Of Blessings!

Centennial Logo

2017 marks the 100 year anniversary of The New Zion Baptist Church and we are presently in a great season of celebration of God’s grace and guidance for blessing and keeping us to come this far by our faith in Him and our continued fellowship as a church family.

During our 2017 year, the New Zion Family is able to say for an entire century, we have provided the City of Beloit with not only a place of worship, fellowship and biblical study as a local congregation, but also with community focused services and initiatives to uplift neighbors, empower children, and unite us all in the common mission of inspiring the world around us.  This legacy, however, is not due to our efforts alone.  Since our founding in 1917, New Zion Baptist Church has partnered with friends and neighbors in order to serve as a resource and support system to those most in need.

As we celebrate a century of service to our community, we Centennial Programare asking members, friends, local businesses and organizations to stand with us once again and help us make the celebration of our 100 year anniversary a year to remember.

By supporting our centennial celebration at any one of the remaining support options, New Zion members, sister churches, and community organizations are able to take advantage of the opportunity to generate expanded awareness of our New Zion Family, their church, and their business while supporting our church and our mission to continue to be a cornerstone in the community.

“Centennial Celebration Support Options”

Members and friends of New Zion can continue to give their support of our Centennial Celebrations by choosing to participate in the following funding Support sources. 


      Members and friends of New Zion are able to support our centennial celebration by becoming a Centennial Patron. To become a Centennial Patron, an individual or a family can have their name (John Q. Public) or their family name (The Public Family) printed on a  Centennial Patrons Banner which will be posted outside and hung upon the light posts in the parking lot of the church. These banners will hang on those posts to be seen perpetually.

To participate, simply donate only $40.00 Per name (individual name or Family Name) which will be printed on the Centennial Patrons Banner.



   For our Centennial Year, we have already erected a Commemorative Brick Wall to tell future generations of New Zion members and friends just how much God has blessed and kept the New Zion Baptist Church for 100 years!

Members and friends of New Zion who missed the opportunity to have an engraved brick placed in the wall can still support our Centennial Celebration by purchasing a commemorative brick to be placed in the HERITAGE WALKWAY.  Each commemorative brick will have the person’s name (or your family name; A person you wish to memorialize, or company name) engraved on the face of the brick and each engraved brick will be displayed in the Heritage Walkway that will be laid directly in front of the newly erected commemorative brick wall as a lasting memorial of your support of  your church family.

 The cost of an ENGRAVED COMMEMORATIVE BRICK is only $ 100.00 per brick


Historical information about New Zion, our Members, our Pastors, our locations, and our one hundred years of milestones  have been documented in our New Zion Baptist Church Centennial History Souvenir Book!

New Zion Members and friends can read about just how much the Lord has kept and blessed the New Zion church family over the years as they peruse the pages of our history in this History Souvenir booklet. Not only  will those who receive a copy of the book get to read our history, but they will also have opportunity to view portions of our history in that A CENTENNIAL HISTORY DIGITAL COMPACT DISC (DVD) is included with the book. The Centennial History DVD  shows video of past New Zion Events and provides a video documentary of New Zion’s 100 year journey of worshipping and serving God in the city of Beloit. You can receive your copy of the Centennial History Souvenir Book and DVD for just $40.00 per book!