An Invitation To Walk!


The walk to Jerusalem is an imaginary walk from Beloit, Wisconsin to Jerusalem, Israel to celebrate the death burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Those who participate in this journey will take a 12-week tour of different places and cultures (Checkpoints) along the way during our fitness and spiritual journey to Jerusalem. This program is designed to e increase the physical activity, and improve the spiritual and emotional health of each participant.


The imaginary journey from Beloit to Jerusalem is 12,874 miles

We will “travel that distance” collectively as a church by walking running, working out, or any type of physical activity will be configured into miles. Participants can accumulate “miles” by walking or jogging in your neighborhood; taking an exercise class at a gym or a workout program at home; playing a sport; playing with the kids; our just cleaning the house. Any form of physical activity you enjoy can be counted as miles.

If you are unable to be physically active, you can accumulate “miles” by performing arm chair exercise; reading a daily devotional (i.e. Daily Bread; The Upper Room; this Journey to Jerusalem Weekly Devotional; or another devotional booklet); spending time in devotional prayer to support walking participants; doing volunteer work, etc. will also apply to accumulating miles. Increments of 20 minutes of aerobic activity (walking, running, swimming, etc.) will equal 1 mile. Increments of 30 minutes of devotional activity (praying, reading, studying, volunteering, etc.) will equal 1 mile.

Participants may work as a group, family, or individuals. A prize will be awarded to the group who has accumulated the most miles when we reach our goal as well as to the individual who has accumulated the most miles.


We will begin our journey on January 14th and walk together until we reach Jerusalem by Easter Sunday April 1, 2018.

It is important to prepare your heart and soul, as well as your body during this journey. When You sin up to walk with us, you will receive a “Journey to Jerusalem” Weekly Devotional and 12 “Mileage log sheets” for recording your miles walked (or activities accomplished) for each week. Begin this journey with us on January 14th. At the end of each week record your weekly total on one of the Walk to Jerusalem “Weekly Mileage Sheets”. Participant totals will be tabulated and logged on a map.


While walking to Jerusalem, we will be challenged to explore highlights of some of the places we visit. During the 12 weeks, we will walk to various cities, countries and cultures along the way. These places will be our CHECKPOINTS. Our “Walk to Jerusalem” itinerary will begin in Beloit, Wisconsin and will have six (6) different checkpoints:

Checkpoint #1: Jamestown, Virginia (994 miles from Beloit)

Checkpoint #2: Jackson, Mississippi (938 miles from Jamestown, VA)

Checkpoint #3: Port-au-Prince Haiti (1,461 miles from Jackson, MS)

Checkpoint #4: Monrovia, Liberia (4,224 miles from Haiti)

Checkpoint #5: Cairo, Egypt (4,838 miles from Liberia)

Checkpoint #6: Jerusalem, Israel (469 miles from Egypt)

As we journey together on this walk to Jerusalem, participants will come together at our Checkpoint Fellowship Meetings. During these periodic checkpoint meetings, we will calculate our collective mileage, encourage one another to continue on the journey to better physical and spiritual health; and learn something about the history and culture of our checkpoint. The first checkpoint meeting is scheduled on Saturday, January 27, 2018. Other Checkpoint meetings will be announced along the way.

Come Join the Journey! Walk With Us!