Christian Development & Education

New Zion uses a multi-faceted approach to support member growth. Members are encouraged to attend educational seminars offered through national and state conventions, weekly bible studies, Christian Development and Sunday School classes. Each event provides opportunities to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Christian Principles (click and scroll through the photos below).

National Baptist Convention USA Inc. Congress of Christian Education

The National Baptist Congress of Christian Education is the education arm of the NBC, USA, Inc. It offers learning opportunities to help individuals grow spiritually and in their work and witness in the world for Christ.  This Convention is responsible for delivery of teaching and training classes that cover every aspect of Christian Education.  It convenes annually, attracting delegates from locations across the United States; its’ 300 plus classes equip Christian education leaders with information and teaching techniques to fulfill their respective roles in local ministries. Delegates graduate or receive a Certificate of Progress after completing a prescribed program of study. Others may opt to take classes for continuing education credit.

WGBSC, Inc. Congress of Christian Education 

The Congress of Christian Education is an Educational Auxiliary of the Wisconsin General Baptist State Convention, Inc. Its activities are centered on “Strengthening the Local Church through Solidarity with the Savior.” The organization is under the leadership of:

  • Dr. Robert T. Wilson Sr., Convention President
  • Pastor James M. Ivy, Congress President
  • Dr. Hymethia W. Thompson, State Director
  • Mrs. Alexis McKinnie, State Congress Dean

The state Congress of Christian Education is responsible for teaching and training classes covering every aspect of Christian Education. Pastors, Preachers, Christian Education Directors, and Christian Education Instructors within the Convention, lend their voices and apply their talents and skills to the Christian discourse, setting a standard for others to follow. Pastor Ivy states, “It is the responsibility and goal of our Congress to equip Christian education leaders and congress delegates with the necessary biblical truth, current issues information and teaching techniques to fulfill their respective roles in their local churches and daily lives.”

Sunday Church School Classes

Church Sunday school is the “reaching, teaching, winning, and caring arm” of New Zion, providing an opportunity for fellowship and the development of a personal connection with like-minded members. Department classes are available for Adult, Youth, Children, and Nursery study. Each is designed to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Christian Principles in an informal group setting. Group participation is highly favored and encouraged with the incorporation of topic discussions relevant to social issues and Christian living. Study materials and lesson texts incorporate standardized curriculum for the Baptist Faith.   

Christian Development Courses

  • Exploration in Christian Development & Member Information  Study Modules
  • Mid-Week Bible Studies
  • Youth Bible Studies
  • Children Bible Exploration & Activities
  • Vacation Bible School