Our Vision

The Vision – Goals of the New Zion Baptist Church are centered upon the principles of God, the work of Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit, and five major components of complete church life and well-being.  

  • To Worship
  • To Fellowship
  • To Educate
  • To Evangelize
  • To Serve

We understand that while working toward this vision, we must remain focused on the principles of God and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit; and after having witnessed the fulfillment of all or any part of this vision, we must and shall remain faithful in doing the work of Jesus Christ until His return.

Our Mission

New Zion’s mission explains why we exist; with prayer and focus, our intent is that:

  • Christ will be MAGNIFIED through our worship.
  • Church members will be UNIFIED through our fellowship.
  • Every believer will be EDIFIED through our teaching.
  • Sinners will be JUSTIFIED by receiving Jesus Christ through our sharing the Gospel.
  • God our Father will be GLORIFIED through our life and service in the church, community and world.