New Zion Ministries

Administration Department Ministries

Church administration ministries are focused on serving God’s people and successful leadership performance requires love, patience, and a humble spirit. Additionally, managing administrative functions, church resources, and assets requires faith in God, sensitivity, thoughtfulness when working with people, integrity, business acumen, office etiquette, administrative skills, and resourcefulness.  

Leaders are also expected to possess the ability to influence people because in many situations, they will  work closely with the Senior Pastor to communicate the Church Vision and Mission. A common finding is that those serving in the ministry of church administration are gifted with natural talents. Yet even gifted persons often discover, their skills are sharpened through ministerial experiences, training, and empowerment from God. There are then without doubt, numerous benefits and blessings to be gained from involvement with “Works of the Church”!

Members serving in administrative job roles, assume their positions and ministerial responsibilities as a result of pastoral appointment, congregational elections (held quarterly and annually), and church conference meetings where leadership decisions are made. New Zion”s corporate structure consists of six major departments and each department has corresponding ministerial groups.

The Administration Department has three major ministries within its structure:

The Diaconate Ministry

New Zion’s Deacons and spouses (Deaconesses) are required to adhere to the biblical tenets set forth by Paul in I Timothy 3:8 – 13.; their primary responsibility is to provide support services to  the Senior Pastor and the Congregation. Their responsibilities include Deacon Family Ministry, Communion, Baptism, Providing Orientation Service and Doctrinal Study for new Converts (the Inception Team) and Serving as Department Liaison for other church ministries.

The Finance Ministry

The major purpose and role of the Finance Ministry is to serve as Spiritual Oversee-er of the financial affairs and stewardship of New Zion; this role must be in accordance with the spirit and mission of the church. The responsibilities of this ministry include but are not limited to securing budget requests from church ministry leaders and committees in order to prepare a church budget. It bears the responsibility for preparing the annual church budget, working with the Deacons to assure alignment with the Church’s Vision/ Mission, and upon completion, presenting a proposal to the church congregation for budget approval.

This ministry prepares financial statements, manages disbursements of church funds, formulates and reviews financial policies, assesses needs for audits, investment allocations, and performance. It communicates and coordinates with Risk Management and By-Laws Committees concerning risk management issues of a financial nature. Those serving in this ministry are voted in office by the congregation and should be knowledgeable in accounting procedures and principles.

Trustee Ministry

Like Deacons, members of the Trustee Ministry are partners in service with the Pastor. Their responsibility is to assist the Senior Pastor in determining and managing the material and financial needs of the church. Just as the Bible outlines qualifications for those who serve as Deacons, it also stipulates some principles that should be set in place when selecting persons to serve as Trustees. See Acts 6:3-7 ; l Timothy 3:3-13.

Worship Department Ministries

  • Children’s Church Ministry
  • Unity Choir
  • Adult Choir
  • Men of Zion Male Chorus
  • Youth Choir
  • Angel Choir

Christian Education Department Ministries

  • Sunday Church School
  • Christian Development Courses
  • Adult Midday & Evening Bible Study
  • Youth Bible Study
  • Children’s Bible Adventures and Activities
  • Discipleship Training
  • Diaconate & Ministerial Training

Mission & Outreach Department Ministries

  • Mothers Ministry
  • Esther Circle Ministry
  • Brotherhood Ministry
  • Naomi Circle Ministry
  • Hands of Faith Ministry
  • Condolence Ministry
  • Food Pantry Ministry
  • Wounded Healers Ministry

Service Department Ministries

  • Hospitality Ministry
  • Adult Usher Ministry
  • Junior Usher Ministry
  • Nurse’s Ministry
  • Shepard’s Staff Ministry
  • Culinary Ministry
  • Library and Resource Center Ministry (LARC)
  • Transportation Ministry
  • Public Relations Ministry
  • Audio/ Video Ministry
  • Church Beautification & Decorations Ministry

Fellowship Department Ministries

  • Singles & Married Ministry (SAMM)
  • C.Y.C.L.E. Ministry
  • Academic Pathways Ministry
  • Recreations & Arts Ministry