“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

You can listen to Messages preached at New Zion by contacting the Audio Visual Ministry of New Zion at 608.362.7703 and order past messages recorded on CD.  Sermons listed below (except those that are listed in purple) were  delivered by Pastor James M. Ivy         

Sermon Title                                                                 Sermon Text 

Parable of the Model Father                                               Luke 15:11-32         

Are You Ready For A Miracle?                                         John 2:1-5                

The Church Leading the Charge to Change                       Acts 4:8-22           

Are You Really Ready For A Miracle?                             John 2:1-11                

Storm Tested Faith                                                            Mark 4:35-41           

Our All Sufficient Savior                                                  Mark 6:30-44           

A Miraculous Walk of Faith                                             Matthew 14:22-33  

A More Attractive Church                                                Mark 2:1-12             

A Life-Changing Connection With Christ                        Luke 8:43-48        

Do You Want To Get Well                                               John 5:1-9, 15          

Faith Under Fire                                                                Daniel 3:1-18